Make Your Parties More Fun with Air Console

Parties for young adults can get boring real fast. Sometimes they’re nothing more than loud music, and you find that there’s not much to do. Where are the laughs and the camaraderie? Where’s the sense of shared enjoyment? But with AirConsole, fun is always part of the equation.

What is AirConsole?

AirConsole is a completely free online gaming platform that offers a wide variety of games for multitudes of people. You can play the games using your PC or laptop, and other people can join in using their smartphones as controllers. Whether there are only two players going a mano a mano or a horde of folks joining in for group fun, there’s a game for everyone.

Cards and Humanity

Cards and Humanity is the online version of the popular card game. That makes it a very convenient way to play since you don’t need to bring your cards to the party. It can be completely spontaneous, which makes it more fun.

The objective of the Cards and Humanity game is simple. You will be asked a hypothetical (and often ridiculous) question and several cards are shown with possible answers. Everyone gets to vote on the funniest and most ridiculous answers, and while people are choosing, the game even plays elevator music to add to the sense of absurdity.

Once the funniest answer is voted in, the question and answer are read out loud by Norton, the personality of AirConsole. Getting this voice to say the most ridiculous thing is part of the fun.

Of course, a large part of the entertainment is that the jokes are often politically incorrect, sexually charged, and plain rude. It can be sublimely ludicrous, and the images that the questions and answers can present can leave everyone in stitches. Cards and Humanity instantly becomes hilarious.

In similar games that involve actual cards, the main drawback is that once you play with the same cards for a few games, the questions and answers become familiar. They’re like jokes you’ve already heard before—they’re no longer funny. But since Cards and Humanity is digital, the game can lead to surprising question and answer combinations that can be weird and amusing at the same time.

Cards and Humanity isn’t a game for kids, or for those who are easily offended. But if you don’t mind some off-color jokes, then go ahead and give it a try.

Brick Wars

Sometimes you meet someone at a party, and you want to get to know them better. You’ve probably experienced this once or twice before. But who says you have to engage in awkward small talk? Why not play Brick Wars instead?

The concept of Brick Wars is an extension of all those classic brick games when you have a board to bounce back the ball into the brick. In those old games, you take turns to play, or you can play together with your own half-screens. But this time, you play together, and you compete with the other player to finish off your set of bricks first. As there’s only a single “ball,” you have to fight over it so you can direct it to your set of bricks.

This game is simple, addictive, and it doesn’t need a lot of thought. But it does get harder as you complete each level. It’s a perfect background for conversations and for you to unleash your competitive nature in a nice way.

Zombie Annihilation

Conversations at parties can lead to some pretty strange scenarios. Many people are fans of zombie TV shows (Walking Dead anyone?), so often there’s a discussion of how to survive a zombie apocalypse. When the discussion devolves into who is better at surviving, the Zombie Annihilation game can settle matters once and for all.

The game is simple enough to understand: there’s a zombie horde coming, and you have an anti-tank machine gun to kill them. There’s a cooperative part of the game as both of you need to make sure the waves of zombies are repulsed before you get to the next level (where you can make use of rocket artillery). But there’s also a competitive aspect to the game, as you compete to determine the better zombie destroyer. It’s not just a matter of killing the most zombies either, because some zombies are stronger, and stronger zombies are worth more points.

Of course, you can practice at home beforehand since there’s also a 1-player mode. But for the ultimate fun, it’s better to play with an opponent. You get a chance to show others that you can be just as cool as Daryl Dixon!

With AirConsole, parties are no longer the same old stuff. The games are addictive, everyone can join in, and new games are added regularly. The fun goes on and on, and even coffee breaks and corporate events can be as fun as parties too!