Bubble Town Game Review

Recall the bubbles you’ve made from soap whenever you were a child? It is so enjoyable popping them out, and today, you’re able to have the same nostalgia within the Bubble Town game from I-play. And can popping bubbles be fun to experience when it comes to casual gaming too? Well, that is what we are here to discover within this review.

The setting of Bubble Town starts within the idyllic little capital of scotland- Borb Bay, where countless little bubble heads known as borbs live. Eventually, however, aliens known as Protuberances showed up about this quiet little town and invaded the entire of Borb Bay, departing a lot of fool around the area. You need to assist the borbs return their freedom once more, because well, they’re too lazy to get this done job for themselves. And besides, so what can they possibly do because they are just small heads of bubble, right?

Anyway, the sport plays such as the famous marble popper game referred to as Puzzle Bubble where you stand tasked to obvious all of the bubbles hanging around field by matching 3 or even more same colored bubbles. There aren’t any deadlines within this game however for another challenge, you’ll have only a restricted quantity of ammunition inside your arsenal to create all of the borbs pop. Refill your ammunition by freeing little borbs using their confinement. What this means is not popping them, mind, but freeing them by popping their attachments rather.

In case your ammunition is full, spilling borbs attempting to load it up means bonuses. Additional borbs will ultimately replenish your ammunition tube should you expend them out while making matches however, this implies that your playing area will shrink during every replenishment routine. And along with other obstacles hindering your objective, Bubble Town is actually one challenging game to experience.

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